The Winter Swim League is a swimming program designed for novice to moderate swimmers wanting to explore the sport of competitive swimming. Our Winter Swim League programs’ core focus is on stroke development, technique progression, and swimmer-lane etiquette. This same focus implements the training of competition essentials, such as turns, starts, and finishes.

Our coaching staffs’ main ambition is swimmer development, creating a competent swimming foundation in the mastery of all four competitive strokes. Our model enables swimmers to advance their swimming abilities, improve skill proficiency, and reach obtainable goals, leaving swimmers with a positive and well-rounded swimming experience.



  • Prospective participants, family members, and friends, are encouraged to attend our open house to meet coaches, register, ask questions, and try-on team suits.
  • WHEN: Saturday, November 19th from 10a-12p
  • WHERE: The LS R-7 Aquatic Center



  • Open registration begins Saturday, November 19th and ends on Monday, January 2nd.
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline (before $15 late fee): Monday, December 19th 
  • Late Registrations ($15 late fee per swimmer charged to all registrations submitted during these dates): Tuesday, December 20th – Monday, January 2nd
  • NO registrations will be accepted past Monday, January 2nd.
  • Registration Cost (without late fee):
    • 1 Swimmer: $170.00
    • 2 Swimmers: $300.00
    • 3 Swimmers: $430.00
    • Refunds:
      • There are no refunds once payment has been received; however, if the swimmer cannot participate in the season after sign-ups, we will issue a prorated credit of $100 for future LS R-7 Aquatic Center use. (This refund policy excludes the Volunteer Refund. See the Volunteer Section below.)



    • It is not required to purchase a team swim suit.
    • Team Swim Suits are available for purchase through Swim Things. 
    • Swim Things will have a booth set-up in the Aquatic Center, and will be selling suits on the following dates:
      • Saturday, November 19th from 10am-12pm (open house)
      • Tuesday, January 3rd from 5:45pm-8pm
      • Thursday, January 5th from 5:45pm-8pm
    • If you will not be available to purchase a swim suit at the booth dates listed above, you can still purchase suits at the Swim Things location:
      • ADDRESS: 3010 SW US Highway 40 in Blue Springs, MO 64015
      • PHONE: (816) 224-2600
      • WEBSITE:
      • STORE HOURS:
        • Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
        • Saturday: 9am – 5pm


  • Team pictures will be taken on Tuesday, January 17th at 7 pm.



  • Practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.
  • Practice starts on Tuesday, January 3rd, and ends on Thursday, February 23rd.
  • Practice times:
    • Ages 10 & under will practice from 6:00p-7:15p
    • Ages 11 & up will practice from 7:15p-8:30p


MEETS: (all meets are held at the LS R-7 Aquatic Center)

  • Friday, January 13th at 5:45p
  • Friday, January 27th at 5:45p
  • Friday, February 10th at 5:45p
  • Friday, February 24th at 5:45p



Volunteers are an extremely important part to making meets operate successful.  It takes approximately 60 individual volunteers each meet.  It is a great way to see the meet close up and enjoy your time.  Without your help we are unable to run an efficient and affective meet. You will receive your $40 volunteer refund if you or a representative for your family volunteer for AT LEAST 2 swim meets.

  • Swim Meet Volunteer Positions:
    • Below you will find information on the various volunteer positions available to you. Please take time to review the information below and sign up for volunteer positions on the Winter Swim League Volunteer sign-up sheet before each meet.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
      • Timers: (8 volunteers) Verifies start and end times of swimmers. One timer is needed for each lane.
      • Back up Timers: (8 volunteers) Verify times of timers and provide a break, if needed. One back up timer is needed for each lane.
      • Starter/Announcer: (1 volunteer) Starts the events/races via the PA system and calls for swimmers in next event, while keeping the meet on schedule.
      • Clerk of the Course: (1 volunteers per half) Ensures all swimmers are aware of their scheduled events prior to the meet and arrive at the zoo when their event is called.
      • Zookeeper: (1 volunteers per half) Puts swimmers in order by heat and event and ensures they are ready to swim.
      • Awards Table: (2 volunteers) Assists in handing out ribbons and awards to swimmers.
      • Runners: (2 volunteers) Delivers cards from the timers to the awards table.
      • Place Judges: (2 volunteers) Judges 1 – 6th places and arranges the swimmers in order according to finishing position.
      • Stroke & Turn Judge: (2 volunteers) Prior knowledge for this position is ideal, but not required. The purpose of stroke and turn officials is to observe, but not scrutinize, the competition for compliance with the technical rules of swimming. If a stroke and turn official clearly observes a disqualification, then they should report it. The purpose of calling violations is not to punish the violator, but to be fair to and to protect the other swimmers in the race. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, and have no prior knowledge or experience working it, please contact the head coach for instruction and information.



  • For ages 6-18
  • Prerequisites: Must have passed level 5 of swim lessons or can swim freestyle and backstroke 50 yards.
  • League runs January 3rd – February 23rd
  • No traveling is required for meets or practices, everything is held at the LS R-7 Aquatic Center.
  • Registered participants are divided up equally into two teams: Sharks and Barracudas 
  • Participating swimmers should bring a towel, goggles, and preferably, a swim cap. Girls should wear a ONE piece swimsuit, and guys should wear jammers.
  • In order to run a swim meet successfully, we ask that parents volunteer as a Timer, Place Judge, Stroke & Turn Judge, Awards Assistant, Heat Stager, Starter, Zoo Keeper, and Runner. No prior knowledge of positions required, all volunteers will be prepped by Head Coach.




Facility Contact:

  • Lee’s Summit R-7 Aquatic Center, 3498 SW Windermere Drive, Lee’s Summit, MO 64082.
  • Facility Phone: (816) 986-1465

Team Contact & Head Coach: Allyson Scharrer

  • Office: (816) 986-1473
  • Email: