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Group Swim Lessons

Why begin swim lessons early?

  • Skill & physical adaption requires multiple swim lesson sessions
  • Water safety & swimming is a learned skill that takes time to develop
  • Water covers over 70% of the Earth's surface, making swim skills imperative
  • Our program focuses on overall swimmer development
  • Early learning boosts confidence and sets swimmers up for success
  • Even the best swimmers can encounter water emergencies

Important Information:

  • All children under the age of 4 must wear a swim diaper
  • A $15 late fee is charged for all registrations received starting the Thursday before the first day of class
  • Class times and class levels are subject to change due to enrollment numbers
  • Some levels may only be offered at certain times
  • 4-5 participants per 1 instructor class ratio
  • We reserve the right to combine, cancel, or create any classes as deemed necessary
  • All registrations open at 10:00 AM (Central) the morning of the registration start date
  • Fins and goggles are required for all swimmers participating in Level 2 & up

Interested in teaching swim lessons?

We are always looking for qualified individuals that support our mission of Changing Lives Through Aquatics. Please check out our jobs page to learn about our variety of available positions!

Spring Group Lessons

Summer Group Lessons

young swim students with their arms raised in a swimming motion
a swim instructor helps a student in the pool


Don't know which level to sign up for? Schedule a free swim evaluation!

Contact us at (816) 986-1465 to schedule an evaluation of your child's swimming skills and receive a recommendation of which Learn to Swim level your swimmer belongs in.

Program Progression


Early-Bird Swim Lesson Registrations

We provide swimmers that are currently enrolled in our Group Swim Lesson program the opportunity to enroll early to help ensure long-term skill progression.

Currently enrolled swimmers are not guaranteed enrollment in the following session until their registration has been completed. 

Early Registration Requirements

Early registrations can only be performed for eligible swimmers. Those that wrongfully register early will be removed from the class and will receive an 85% percent refund of their original payment. 

Only swimmers that are currently enrolled in swim lessons and are enrolling for the following session may register early.

If you are unsure of your swimmer's eligibility, please speak with a staff member at (816) 986-1465.


swim instructors stand with students at the pool railing
swim instructor and students lean over side of pool
students sit on the edge of the pool

Swim Equipment

Towels, swimsuits, swim diapers, fins, and goggles are not provided by the Aquatic Center.

Swimmers participating in Level 2 & up are required to have their own set of fins and goggles.

Swimmers must have their required equipment by the first day of class. Both fins and goggles are available for purchase at the Aquatic Center through the Concessions Stand. All other necessary equipment is provided by the Aquatic Center during class.