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Swim Conditioning

Swim conditioning bridges the gap between swim lessons and recreational leagues.

This program is designed to mainstream swim lesson or beginner swimmers into the swim team training environment and to provide an alternative conditioning option for athletes involved in other activities.

Our goal is to build a fundamentally sound technique-based swim program that focuses on refining freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Swimmers will be introduced to learning racing skills, such as flip turns and streamlines. Swimmers involved in swim conditioning can acquire the ability to swim in the recreational swim leagues/teams.

Available to swimmers between ages 7 to 18 or those who have passed level 5 of swim lessons or have received an evaluation from a aquatic supervisor.

Important Information

  • A $15 late fee is charged for all registrations received the Thursday before the first day of practice
  • We reserve the right to combine, cancel, or create any classes as deemed necessary.
  • All registrations open at 10:00 AM the morning of the registration start date.
  • Practice lanes will be assigned by putting like-skilled swimmers together to ensure we are able to provide a positive and fun learning experience for the swimmers. This may mean they can move up or down and maybe throughout the program.
  • Swimmers per lane will vary on the program registration numbers and keeping like skilled swimmers together. This means that we may accommodate up to a maximum of 10 swimmers per practice lane.

swimmer in a lane

Youth Conditioning

Whenever we are not hosting Swim Team Conditioning practices, we have a Swim League season going on!

Fall 2023 Practices

Winter 2024 Practices

Spring 2024 Practices

High School Off-Season Training

Start & Turn Training

Start & Turn Training provides swimmers a class that is designated for specific focus of the dynamic start and turn development of swimming. Swimmers will better understand and better perform the entries to racing starts and learn the two types of turns for the competitive strokes.

Wednesday Evenings